Student Life

The lush, tranquil, and safe setting of Fisher Island Day School is second to none for our young explorers. Our island environment is a classroom in and of itself and our teachers take full advantage of the setting.

Our state-of-the-art facility includes 10,000 square feet of instructional space that accommodates children in grades Early Learning through eighth, and houses some of the most advanced educational computer technology available today.

Our flexible intranet, classroom Internet access and interractive white-boards allow teachers to utilize internet content, video, photography, games, worksheets, data, music, and art as tools for planned lessons and spontaneous “teachable moments.” All information shared on the interractive white-boards becomes content that can be saved, printed, and reviewed at a later date. In addition, teachers send regular emails to parents at home describing the specific class work being done by the students and information on both classroom-specific and school-wide events.

Active Hours After School Program