Suna Lee
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Mandarin Chinese Teacher

The Great Way is not difficult for those who do not judge good and bad.  When preferences are cast aside, the way stands clear and undisguised. [Chinese Zen master] 

Suna Lee developed FIDS's Mandarin Chinese language and culture program, which aims at boosting the self-esteem of FIDS students from Early Learning through fifth grade, while developing an appreciation for our ethnically and religiously diverse world.  Prior to joining the FIDS faculty in 2004, she taught Chinese in Guam for 7 years.  

Suna maintains an active interest in art, music, and literature.  Every year, she attends foreign language teacher workshops and conventions.  Plus, she is certified by the China National Office for "Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language" (HANBAN) in Beijing, China, ACTFL, and by East China University in Shanghai.  Suna holds a Bachelor's degree in Art in Tourism from the Chinese Culture University in Taipei, Taiwan, and a Master's degree in Chinese as a Foreign Language from Nanjing Normal University in China.