Natalia Larionova
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Early Learning Lead Teacher, Academic Intervention & ESOL, Primary School Dept. Coordinator

Natalia Larionova grew up in Russia as a professional athlete before moving to the United States with her two children.  She was hired by Fisher Island Day School in 2010 — first as an assistant teacher and then later as a fulltime teacher.  She is committed to helping her students begin the process of becoming well-rounded and successful members of society.  She provides structure in her classroom, along with engaging her students in a large variety of activities designed to improve their self-concepts, along with promoting the spirit of cooperation among them and helping them appreciate the value of diversity.

Natalia is a big fan of any sport — with yoga, swimming and tennis as favorites — and loves to exercise.  As her own children grew up, she enjoyed helping them with their school projects and volunteering in their schools' PTSAs.

Natalia earned a Master's degree in Physical Education from the Russian State Academy of Physical Education and a Master's degree in Educational Leadership from Concordia University.