The curriculum was developed exclusively for FIDS by the faculty of the University of Pennsylvania Graduate School of Education. It stresses basic preparation in English, mathematics, history, world languages, STEM, and physical education. In addition, art and music are included in the curriculum. The school boasts a 5:1 student/teacher ratio, which is one of the lowest in all of South Florida. Class size does not exceed 14 students. A high level of individual attention is offered.

Health is very much a part of the culture. In addition to daily physical education classes, the school employs a private organic chef to prepare lunch and snacks for the children.

Many faculty members were brought to the FIDS community as a result of a national search to find the best teachers available. Over 70% hold advanced degrees. All full-time teachers are offered the opportunity to attend graduate courses, conferences, or workshops supported by the FIDS Professional Development Fund.