Adam Bornstein
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Music Teacher/Itinerant Substitute

Adam Bornstein, who joined FIDS's faculty in 2015, is thrilled to teach music at Fisher Island Day School. Having worked with students in classroom, camp, and workshop environments, Adam uses a mix of different styles and approaches to encourage progress in each student. A native of Chicago, Illinois, he blends music techniques, instrument families, and history into each lesson. In addition, he believes firmly in the performance of repertoire to boost each student's confidence and interaction skills, as well as musical ones.

As a performer, Adam is proficient in voice, piano, guitar, and has specialized in classical and musical theatre. With his university choir, he toured the UK and performed in New York's Carnegie Hall. His experience also includes directing and performing in various shows and a cappella groups. This variety of experiences has served to cultivate his passion for music as an art form.

Adam graduated from the University of Miami's Frost School of Music with a Bachelor's degree in Music Education. The curriculum of the Frost school provided him with a variety of teaching styles and experience in each family of instruments. Adam is able to implement all of these styles and experiences with great success in the classroom.